Breaking News: Blogger found alive and well

This just in: Long time blogger, Lisa Godfrees, has been found alive and well following a more than five month blogging hiatus. Followers were concerned after her abrupt disappearance. When asked where she had been, Ms. Godfrees dropped her head and mumbled, “I got lost.”

Apparently, Ms. Godfrees had been trying to Escape the Room but got stuck on the puzzle, “what to blog about.” She had been desperately searching for the solution in the cluttered corners of her brick and mortar house when a stray thought bombarded her in the night.

Bloggess Godfrees reports that she will now be writing about worth:

  • Books worth reading
  • Books worth hearing
  • Questions worth asking
  • Thoughts worth sharing

Only time will tell if our itinerant wanderer is home to stay.

Worth FB cover

In other news, Godfrees’s first full-length novel, MIND WRITER, released in August! (Could this have something to do with the author’s disappearance over the past few months?) The novel is available in Kindle and paperback at Amazon. Ms. Godfrees is also offering autographed copies at a discounted price. Please contact her if you’re interested.


Born with a rare genetic mutation, Eighteen-year-old Rinee Newburgh has been kept in a secret government facility all her life. Trained to enhance her skills as a Mind Writer, her unique talents give her the ability to transfer a person’s thoughts, memories, personality—their soul—into a clone created for those deemed vital to society’s continued survival.
When Rinee’s friend and right hand to the President, Andrei Malotetnev, is nearly killed in an assassination attempt, she discovers the terrible truth—that Mind Writers are regarded as disposable, and life outside the Facility is nothing more than a pollution-filled world on the brink of collapse. She also learns of Malotetnev’s plan to kill millions of people as a means of freeing up dwindling resources needed by the government. Horrified at the thought of a modern day holocaust, Rinee escapes the Facility in a desperate attempt to warn the people of his evil intentions.
Locked in a race against time, Malotetnev sends his most trusted assassin with orders to eliminate Rinee at any cost before the truth can be revealed. What he didn’t count on was an assassin with a conscience.

And finally, the anthology benefitting the Realm Makers Scholarship Fund released in July. If you enjoy science fiction and fantasy, be sure to check out REALMSCAPES

RealmscapeA (1)Escape to the extravagant “Dragon Hotel,” [my story!] where the luxuries and the company may make you want to stay forever. Or complete your mission and sneak into the enemy’s base where you walk in the shoes and skin of aliens.

Whatever happens, don’t look under the bed. There be monsters and worse in the dark shadows and around blind corners.

From robot apocalypses to seemingly haunted nursing homes, these seventeen otherworldly stories will drive you to escape from your everyday existence. Featuring well-known authors such as Ben Wolf and Jeff Gerke, as well as new, up-and-coming writers, these stories may transfix you with visions of alien planets … or leave you with an itch that nags at the edges of your memory.


7 thoughts on “Breaking News: Blogger found alive and well

  1. I first read this last night when I was exhausted and my addled brain read, “she will NOT be writing about worth,” and I was so confused! 😉

    Glad to see you back! I especially noticed your absence the past few weeks since I haven’t seen you on Facebook all that much either. Glad to see you again!


  2. Well, well usually Breaking News is bad news, not this time, good to see you back. I am 66% into Mind Writers and am thoroughly enjoying it I must say this surprises me as I do not usually like futuristic type books. So kudos to whoever the author is and I have a feeling she may be related to that found alive blogger. Great work Lisa will be visiting site again soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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