Are Jackalopes Real?

Perhaps you’ve wondered whether jackalopes are real yourself. I’ve had two people ask me in the last week.

There’s not a whole bunch of information about jackalopes around, but I found this nifty video on YouTube, and that’s after watching quite a few (what is the opposite of nifty?) videos as well.


Jackalope Fun Facts:

  • The jackalope is reputed to be a cross between a jackrabbit and antelope. Except that jackrabbits aren’t rabbits (they’re hares), and the American antelope isn’t an antelope (it’s a pronghorn). Go figure.
  • Most jackalopes are pictured with deer antlers instead of pronghorn (antelope) antlers.
Antler collage 200px
Top to bottom: Deer, Pronghorn, Caribou, Jackrabbit
  • Jackalopes were “discovered” in Wyoming in 1932 but a man and his brother who were mail-order taxidermists.
  • Whisky is rumored to be their favorite drink.
  • They breed during lightning flashes.

Other Jackalope sightings:

A friend from Alaska told me that in Alaska, jackalopes are called haribou. These are even more elusive than the jackalope because you can’t find them on Google.

The Wolpertinger (Bavarian) – very cool. This one also has wings!

A single horned bunny in Europe (think unicorn rabbit).

The horned hare (European).

The whole myth most likely originates with a virus that causes cancerous growths on rabbits (Shope Papilloma Virus – similar to human HPV). This site has several interesting pictures. It makes me very sad to see these rabbits. 😦

And then there’s THIS (creepy) video that has something to do with a kangaroo, fangs, and no antlers…



  • Jackalope Wives by Ursula Vernon won the 2014 Nebula Award for best Short Story. You can read it for free at Apex Magazine. Highly recommended.
  • Project Jackalope by Emily Ecton – fun middle-grade (8-12 years) mystery/thriller
  • Revenge of the Horned Bunnies by Ursula Vernon – also middle-grade, #6 in a series




2 thoughts on “Are Jackalopes Real?

  1. I read an article about a woman from England having a jackalope-mounting confiscated because the authorities were convinced it must be a protected species since they had never heard of it. 😀 Pixar made a cute cartoon featuring one a while back, too.

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