The Secret Identity of H.A Titus


H.A., or Heather as I know her, is one of the most unassuming people you will ever meet. We’ve been running in the same circles for a while now, but it was only recently that we realized we weren’t FB friends. We rectified that immediately, of course!

Heather’s debut novel, Forged Steel, released earlier this year. I haven’t head a chance to read it yet, but it’s on my list. 🙂 Here’s the blurb:

Forged Steel cover

Downtown. Coffee shop. 2 AM.

One minute, Josh is firing off sarcastic remarks at his best friend Marc – the next, they’re running from shape-shifters. Apparently, even best friends don’t share all their secrets.

Now Josh is in danger. He can see the monsters among the humans.
When Marc is kidnapped, Josh finds himself pulled into the schemes of the fae courts, and throws in his lot with Marc’s allies: the lovely Larae, a human named David, and the fighter, Eliaster. But what began as a rescue mission becomes something much more involved…

And all Josh wants to do is get out before it’s too late.

Without further ado, let’s learn all of Heather’s secrets…

Besides writing, what takes up your time?

A lot of folks are surprised to find this out about me, but over the last couple of years, I’ve begun to mountain bike (weather permitting, which means May-September in Michigan). I’m not a big fan of sweating, working out really hard, heights (although I occasionally rock climb too), or even doing risky stuff, but for some reason, mountain biking is something I will willingly do over and over again, even if I’m privately cussing myself out during the actual ride! 😉


My husband loves to mountain bike! He hasn’t been able to do it since he got in a freak bike-dog-bus accident and broke his elbow though. I’m not coordinated enough to even try. 😦

What do you find most interesting about mountain biking?

There’s a lot to it–challenging myself to try new trails, working hard to keep up with my biking buddies–but my favorite part is the downhill (of course!) portion of the ride. 😉 That’s not to say it’s the easiest–downhill still has a lot of hazards, and every single time I’ve wiped out, it’s been on the downhill part of the trail, but the speed and even some of the small jumps are a ton of fun. There’s always something new to learn every time I go out, even if I’m riding the same trail over and over again (which, I admit, is my tendency, because it’s my favorite trail.)

What are some common misconceptions people have about mountain biking?

“You have to be in super good shape for that!” Eh, not really. I’m fit, but not as fit as I could be. I’m certainly not in “super good” shape, I’m just in decent shape and really, really stubborn.

“You mountain bikers are all nuts! Just adrenaline junkies looking for another thrill!” Nope. I’m most definitely not an adrenaline junkie. Ask my husband. It took me a dozen times of riding the same trail to even work up the nerve to try a small jump, and I’ve been known to skip sections of trail or walk my bike on areas that I’m nervous about. I definitely prefer to err on the side of caution.

You forgot that you don’t actually have to have a mountain to mountain bike! We live in Houston = no mountains. 😉

Give us the skinny – what are some interesting facts about your hobby that most people don’t know?

You don’t need special gear, just a bike and a helmet. I started riding on my cheap $80 WalMart bike. Now, granted, it’s a LOT easier now that I have a more expensive bike that’s actually made for the kind of rough terrain I’m riding, but you don’t have to invest in that right away. It’s nice, because it’s something you can try a bit before committing yourself with expensive gear.

How do you balance writing, biking, and your private life?

It’s a bit easier since mountain biking is so darn hard. I couldn’t go every single day, because then I’d never be able to walk! 😛 But it can be difficult sometimes, because it’s not just a hobby where I can pick up and go whenever I want–I have to have someone to go with (I’m not proficient enough that I feel safe by myself out on the trails), and if I’m going with my husband, I have to find care for our son.

Earlier this year, we were going about once a week with friends, while their kids watched our son. That was a nice balance. But then life got hectic (and I got pregnant!) 😉 We’re hoping next summer to try to get back to the once-a-week rides, because it really was a fun time.

Oh wow! Congratulations. I didn’t know you were pregnant. Mountain biking is definitely NOT something you should do while pregnant.

Does your hobby ever sneak into your writing?

Some of the scenery definitely does! And sometime, I’m hoping to give a character the hobby of mountain-biking…I’m just waiting for the right character to come along. Unftounately, it’s not a very writing-useful hobby. 😉

Thanks for dropping by today, Heather. I can’t wait to read your book.

Titus Secret IDYou can connect with Heather at:

NOW YOU: Have you gone mountain biking? Like it, hate it? What is the most extreme sport you’ve ever tried?

2 thoughts on “The Secret Identity of H.A Titus

  1. The blurb for Forged Steel sounds right up my alley! Mountain biking – wow. I took a spin class at the Y once. It was fun but took a few weeks to not be painful. 😉 Hmm, I’m definitely not an extreme-sport type of person. The most I ever did was a ski trip one time. Which ended with me on the wrong trail, getting rescued by ski patrol, and the most terrifying sled ride back to the bottom of the mountain. But biking on a nice trail sounds fun.


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