Time to Discuss #4 – Failstate


What a clever story! Superheroes battling on reality TV in a Survivor like show? Yes please! (And why didn’t I think of that?)

What was your favorite part of the story? For me, it was the premise. I also got a kick out of the youth group leader, and props to the author for the way he wove in spiritual content.

Who was your favorite super hero? It’s hard not to like Failstate, because you have empathy for him as a reader and he really earns his big finish at the end. Give me smarts over power any day, but both are nice as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

*BUT* I really liked Luxe and her light powers. (What can I say? I program lights for our church. I’m a lighting fanatic).

What would you have done differently if it had been your story? Or something you would have liked to have seen that didn’t happen?

For me, I thought that Failstate’sย face got wrecked because his power went out of control and created a blast that killed his dad and burned him. I was disappointed with the real reason his father died. Then that led me to wonder why his mother seemed to hate him so much.

My burning question – who gave him that stone that he wears around his neck?

Any plans to read the next two in the series?

There are two full length sequels (I have both). Looking forward to these, even if Legends is a zombie book (ugh – not a fan of zombie fiction).

Failstate Legends Failstate Nemesis

And two novellas (I have both). I’ll read these, but I prefer full-length stories to short extras. What about you?

Gauntlet goes to prom Kinetic on target

YOUR TURN: Answer the questions above, and tell me what you would select as a superpower. (I’d like to breathe underwater indefinitely. Anyone remember The Man from Atlantis?)

man from atlantis


10 thoughts on “Time to Discuss #4 – Failstate

  1. I was super naughty and only started last night. *shame-faced* But I will do my best to be caught up asap and post my answers soon!

    And never heard of Man From Atlantis – sounds interesting. But my siblings and I were huge fans of Ocean Girl in the 90s. And daughter and I highly enjoy the H20 and Mako Mermaid series. ๐Ÿ˜‰


      1. And no one ever seems to think how weird it is that they dive into water every time they get wet! ๐Ÿ˜€ Have you heard of Ocean Girl? We watched it on Disney and they never aired the final season so I’m hoping it ends up on Netflix or Hulu someday…


  2. I loved Failstate. I have a couple of the sequels but haven’t read them yet because my TBR pile requires supplemental oxygen. But I’ll definitely read the entire series. I’m with you on not being crazy about short extras, but if it’s a series I love, then I’ll totally read them.


  3. Ok, finally finished Failstate this morning. It felt a lot fuller than some of the other books so far. That’s the thing about action-packed books – the excitement never lets up. I thought the first chapter or two were a little slow – but once they revealed the secret between Failstate & Guantlet, my interest was peaked and it never waned. I liked watching Failstate learn more about his powers. I think that was my favorite part – his untapped potential and how he would call out to God and discover his inner strength. I liked Failstate, of course, but also Lux and Veritas and Prairie Wind (was that her name?) seemed interesting.

    Didn’t he say his dad gave him the necklace? But I did wonder how they knew it would work and why it worked and so on. I assumed his ruined face was a part of his powers/transformation – when the powers came, his body changed – like that. I was worried he had accidentally literally killed his father so I was glad it was an accident. But I didn’t care for his mother much and her sudden change-of-heart at the end didn’t soften my opinion of her much. I felt like her mistreatment of Failstate came from a dislike if his appearance and disabilities that started before the dad’s death.

    The big question I had was in this world where super heroes and super villains are so commonplace, I couldn’t believe there weren’t systems in place to train and supervise those people better. They needed a school (like Super High!) or something – expecting Failstate to not melt everything but no one ever taking time, aside from his father, to work with him so he could learn control was silly. I was also confused about Delphi and how she ended up in prison. While her knowledge of the future seemed to have warped her mind, I didn’t understand what that had to do with sending her to jail. And Meridian seemed to have ridiculously coincidental bad-luck with the birth of his children (it made me very suspicious). And how did Gauntlet get such a cool uniform but Failstate was stuck in sweats?

    I think these books would be awesome for boys & girls and I definitely plan to read the rest. (One other small thing – there seemed to be a lot of editing typos – words missing or repeated twice. I was surprised by it.)


    1. I noticed the typos too. I think at that point, Marcher Lord Press wasn’t using a proofreader. Maybe?

      His mother really bothered me as well. It was like she couldn’t love him because he was ugly. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ And, I agree, her change in heart at the end didn’t help me like her better. I felt the same way about the mom in the next book – The Wishing Pearl.

      It’s been long enough that I don’t remember Delphi ending up in prison. I thought maybe she was questioned but released? Too many books under the bridge. LOL


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