Summer Book Club Week 1 – By Darkness Hid

I started the book yesterday and devoured the first chapter. Jill is one of my favorite authors, so I’m looking forward to reading more By Darkness Hid today.

We’ll read and discuss on the last day. The schedule is posted on the left sidebar, or you can get to it by clicking here.

Jill has a ton of extras on her page, including character sketches, a pronunciation guide, crests, wax seals, the whole nine yards, really. So if you’re a visual person, you might want to check that out as you’re reading. And if you’re an audio person, there are episode podcasts that you can download and listen for free!

Happy reading, and we’ll touch base on June 23 to discuss the first book in our summer reading series.




12 thoughts on “Summer Book Club Week 1 – By Darkness Hid

  1. I panicked last night and read one chapter as I was laying in bed but it was too late to read any more than that. I’ve always wanted to try a book club but the only one I’ve been in was a mother/daughter club last fall with my munchkin. We met every other Sunday and had to read 5-8 chapters inbetween – I didn’t like the long break between meetings – if we read small segments every night, we’d forget half of it by the time we met but if we waited we had to read such huge chunks all at once. And the group discussion was always awkwardly led.


    1. Imagine my surprise when I went to write my post today and thought we were just starting By Darkness Hid only to find out I was supposed to be done reading it! I lost a week there somewhere…

      Anyway, I’ve never been in a book club before. Aside from “who was your favorite character?” and “what was your favorite scene?” I’m not sure what to discuss. Thankfully, I’ve got a week to figure it out. 😉

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        1. I noticed it changed & was greatly relieved. 😉 I should have mentioned something earlier – I noticed when you first shared the schedule that we were already supposed to be halfway through the first book but I didn’t want to complain. 😉


  2. I blasted through this book series! Won the first one and ended up buying the others so I could finish the series (yes, book giveaways work)! I have a couple of the ebooks from this series (e.g. O’Dell and Otte’s books) so I might join and get them off my TBR list.

    I’ve never done a book club, though we’ve discussed books and articles in my English Lit. classes. One instructor would split us up into groups and we’d take turns writing discussion questions for our group so we went beyond “favorite character/scene” … =)


    1. Great – you can make up some questions! 😉 But seriously, I think the hard thing will be reading the first one and not going on with the series. I have the rest on my kindle, so they will be there tempting me.


  3. My husband and I are heading out of town tomorrow so I’ll start reading this while we’re on the road! It’s one I’ve wanted to read for a long time and just never got to it — looking forward to diving in!

    I was in a book club years ago with friends from work. We met monthly, which was good for me because sometimes it took me that long to plow through the book! It was an interesting experience because the two ladies who chose the selections had very different tastes from mine. I can honestly say I would’ve never read any of those books if it weren’t for the club! Some were very good, some were so-so, and some were just weird (to me). But it can be good to branch out and try something new sometimes. 🙂


    1. There’s a good spectrum in the book set we’re using this summer too. I lean towards fantasy and sci-fi, but there’s contemporary and romance in the set as well. It will be interesting to see what everyone thinks of the books.

      I hope you’re able to keep up! If not, just make the ones you can, or comment when you get done. I’ll be here. 🙂


    1. Me, too! I always stay up too late and suffer for it the next morning. So when I was heading to bed around 11:15 last night, I told myself I wouldn’t read past midnight. And at 12:10, I finished Part 1. I was really enjoying the story and was going to continue on until I saw Part 2 changes point of view. That was the only reason I was able to put the book down! 😉


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