Cover Reveal, Insider Info, and a Giveaway – Nadine Brandes!


How do you live after you planned to die?

Parvin Blackwater should have died in her brother’s place. She didn’t. Now she’s the only one who can protect her village, but no one wants to listen. When the Council starts forcing “new and improved” Clocks on the public, those who refuse are declared Radicals and exiled.

Having been across the Wall once, Parvin is the only one who can save them. But instead of going through the Wall, she’s packed into a boxcar, loaded on a cargo ship, and forced out to sea.  How will she lead when facing the unknown? 

Worse yet, why are people suddenly dying before their Clocks have zeroed-out? 


A Time to Speak  is the sequel to the award-winning A Time to Die (see the interview). If you haven’t read the first book yet, then you have something fun to do while waiting for book 2 to be available! In the meantime, I asked Nadine some fun questions about the world of A Time to Die and A Time to Speak.

What do Parvin’s peers do for fun?
Reid was the instigator of fun. He and Parvin, and some of his friends (who didn’t always bully Parvin) loved going mushroom hunting in early spring. They’d get fairly competitive, especially because the mushrooms could then be sold at market.
Other than that, swimming was the biggest activity pursued by the youth of Unity Village. Ponds and lakes were easy to find and always warm (sometimes too warm) in the summer. 
What sports are popular in Unity Village?
Sports are a tough one. Kids in Unity Village still play the same sports we do, but the sports aren’t organized or competitive since the school system is a bit bone dry. Organized sports are reserved for High Cities, but that didn’t stop the youth from making their own soccer balls or finding a field for baseball! Swimming races are popular and Unity will sometimes hold their own competition just for bragging rights and summer fun.
Where do the youth go on dates in Unity Village?
Well, Favors is easily the nicest cafe in town…if the kids can afford it. It serves light food (though Skelley Chase and Parvin never ate any) as well as luxury coffees. Nether Town—a bit of a walk from Unity—is a little larger and has some social hangouts if you know where to look. Reid always took girls on dates that included something outdoors—walks along the river, picnics in the grass fields by the railroad tracks…he was a romantic.
What are some new locations we’ll see in A Time to Speak?
Ooh, I’m glad you asked. We’ll be exploring a lot more of the world in A Time to Speak, seeing some more of the West, and peek of Panama, and a trip to somewhere very very cold (as you can tell from the cover.) What I’m most excited about is taking the readers to Prime—a High City in New York where technology is the new oxygen.

Nadine Brandes - Head ShotNadine Brandes is an adventurer, fusing authentic faith with bold imagination. Her dystopian trilogy, the Out of Time Series, challenged her to pursue shalom, which is now her favorite word (followed closely by ‘bumbershoot’.) When Nadine’s not taste-testing a new chai, editing fantasy novels, or being a Harry Potter super-nerd, she and her knight-in-shining armor (nickname: “hubby”) are out chasing adventures.

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And as a thank you for reading this far, you get a chance to win a signed copy of A Time to Die. THIS LINK TAKES YOU TO THE RAFFLECOPTER GIVEAWAY!



11 thoughts on “Cover Reveal, Insider Info, and a Giveaway – Nadine Brandes!

  1. Well, I really MUST know more. This was a fun peek. Thank you! Thrilled about the cover and about this continuation of Parvin’s story!


  2. Ooh! What a fun interview. I love how you have such detailed answers for the world, Nadine. Looks like you did some detailed worldbuilding. 😉
    I have read it, so there’s no waiting… except for the next book… I’m hoping to squeeze in time for a reread sometime this summer.


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