What can happen in a second – #1/642

It only takes a second…

to decide to buy a book – 642 Things to Write About.

for a child to drown – we see it in the news all too often.

to give your child a hug.

to smile at someone – and see their face light up in response.

to wreck on your bike – wear a helmet!

to offer a compliment – Nice, blouse. or I love your earrings. 

to text while driving – and possibly kill someone.


7 thoughts on “What can happen in a second – #1/642

  1. Seriously, I don’t get why people think they can do it and be safe! Perhaps you get away with it 99 out of a hundred times, or more in most cases. But is it worth it to put yourself and everyone else’s life on the line? What is soo important that it can’t wait a minute or two until you pull over?
    Cops in B.C. really don’t give people enough incentive to stop it. I wonder if it would be possible for cops to find out if you were texting during accidents, then really nail the person! Rant done.


      1. True but you posted the video! It like underlined and reinforced the last “what can happen”.
        On a different note, I’ve always respected how my dad goes out of his way to compliment strangers – the cashier at Walmart, etc. – so I try to do the same. If I notice something I like, I try not to keep it to myself. No one ever minds a compliment. 🙂


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