Stay tuned for more In Search of Dragons

We’re on a writing deadline this week, but I didn’t want to leave you with nothing. Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words.


So, can you write a thousand words about this picture? 😉


3 thoughts on “Stay tuned for more In Search of Dragons

  1. Since I really need to make myself write more – and share it more…

    Laurel carefully clutched the tin cup by the handle, the steaming cocoa too hot to drink just yet. Next to her on the settee, Alexa held an identical cup. The two of them gazed around the room. They’d never been in a dugout before but both girls had a feeling this one would have surprised them anyway.

    The walls were covered in intricate mosaics made mostly out of turquoise & silver with bits of amber. The furniture was carved, polished and draped with plush cushions. Even the floor was covered with the lushest, softest grass Laurel had ever encountered. The entire room was beautiful, from the desk in the corner to the bookshelves lining the back wall. The kitchen was to her left by the steps from the entryway and she could just glimpse the one bedroom through the not-quite-closed door across the room. The only thing in the room that didn’t quite fit was a huge round tunnel in the wall between the bookcases. A curtain made of colorful strips of fabric tied in knots along the rod covered most of the hole. It was pretty – for a tunnel. From a rack on the side of one of the adjacent bookcases hung a shovel and rock-pick along with a bucket and some other tools.

    Laurel wiggled her bare toes on the grass. Her & Alexa’s soggy shoes and socks hung from little hooks by the door, dripping onto a patch of cactus that grew alongside the steps. But her eyes kept returning to that big circle in the wall. Well, that and the rather large jackalope that was just now hopping back from the kitchen.

    “Okay then, now that we’re settled, how ’bout we introduce ourselves, hmm?” The rabbit grasped his own cup of cocoa that amazingly didn’t spill a drop as he crossed the room. Setting it on the short coffee table, he hitched up his colorful patchwork overalls, his fluffy tail protruding from a hole in the back, and plopped himself onto a rocking chair.

    “Name’s Flapjack. And I’m sentry for The Crossing. And you are?” He waggled his paw between the two girls and then leaned forward to grab his cocoa and took a rather noisy sip.

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