In which I get interviewed…by myself

Do you remember book where the chapters were titled things like “In Which Pooh Get Stuck in a Hole” or some such? Every once in a while, I think all chapters and blog posts should be titled similarly. Maybe that could be my resolution for the new year?

Really, I’m writing to say that author friend and collaborator Grace Yee has interviewed my on her site. If you’re interested in finding out my favorite caffeinated beverage, please stop by.

On Grace Yee’s blog

And because it would be useful for me to keep a list of these things, here are the other interviews I’ve done. (Short list because there aren’t many).

On Sara Ella’s blog

On Angie Brashear’s blog

And here is one I wrote when my first short story that was published. The website is no longer active, so I’m posting it here for fun and posterity. 🙂

cropped-profile_pic.pngcropped-godfrees-lr-16.jpgprofile_pic (3)

Will the real Lisa Godfrees please step forward?

Hi, it’s nice to meet you! My name is Lisa Godfrees, and I’d like to take a moment to do something I rarely do…talk about myself.

It’s awkward, isn’t it? Or at least it seems like it should be. If all I did everywhere I went was talk about me, I would have very few friends. But since I’m trying to make new ones today, I’m going to attempt to make myself sound fascinating and likeable. At the end, you’ll have a chance to let me know how I did. 😀

Oh, and one more thing before we start…everything I tell you is going to be the honest  truth except ONE thing. Your job: guess which one. Ready?

  1. The first thing you should know about me is that my absolute favorite Christmas album is A Christmas Together by John Denver and the Muppets. It’s just not Christmas until Miss Piggy sings “5 golden rings” and Animal plays the drums.
  2. My bucket list is short. In fact, it has only one thing on it. Before I die, I’d like to see a blue whale.
  3. Godfrees isn’t my real name. It’s my pen name. My real name is actually an anagram of Godfrees (change the ‘o’ to an ‘i’ and rearrange the letters if you like word puzzles). I wanted something that would remind me Who should receive the glory for any of my successes. Besides, no one can pronounce my real last name anyway. 😉
  4. I had five different majors in college (7 if you include grad school) and none of them were English, literature, or writing related.
  5. I don’t drink coffee and I detest peanut butter, although frozen Reece’s are yummy.
  6. I’ve testified in court as an expert witness in the area of Forensic DNA and worked for more than ten years in a county crime lab.
  7. My father was 53 when I was born, and his father was 51 when he was born, so my paternal grandfather was born in 1868, three years after the end of the Civil War.
  8. I’ve had the opportunity to travel outside the USA. I’ve been to France, Germany, Greece, Turkey, and Mexico, but not Canada.
  9. Of all the states I’ve visited, my favorite is New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment. Give me desert, mountains, and cactus and I’m a happy girl.
  10. I come from a large family. I have two sisters and five brothers, but I’m the baby.

OK, now it’s your turn. Guess which one of the ten facts above is NOT true. And, if you want to play, tell me three things about you (2 true, 1 false) and I’ll guess which one isn’t true.


10 thoughts on “In which I get interviewed…by myself

  1. Oh my word, I love Pooh Bear and yes, I totally remember the chapters beginning that way! Love your interview (and thanks for mentioning me)! My mom loved the desert too 🙂


    1. Oh, I forgot to guess…um, let’s see…I’m going to guess that #8 is not true. All of these facts are really cool, so even though one is a lie it still sounds like you’ve had an exciting life so far!


  2. I remember reading that interview when it happened. I remember which one is the lie, too!

    And I love those types of chapters – things like that pop into my head all the time. Especially when I have a clutsy moment. “In which Kat nearly kills herself tripping over air! Again!” 😉

    I also am always making my own Peanuts “Happiness Is…” comics.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love the Winnie-the-Pooh “in-whiches” but then I’m a sucker for Pooh. I even have WtP checks. I used to have a WtP checkbook cover but it fell apart.

    Great interview! Thanks for posting the 10 facts it especially given that 9 of these statements are true. I didn’t know you were so fascinating. I hope #6 is true. Forensic lab work fascinates me.The wife of my former publisher does the same work. I’m always asking if she’s “caught a bad guy recently.

    I’m guessing #7. I chose 7 based on calculations about my ancesters.
    I’m 68 and I’ll take it as read that you’re much younger than I am. All of my grandparents were born in the late 1890’s. I don’t know how old any of them were when my grandmothers gave birth to my parents. I do know that my mom was born about 10 years after her eldest sibling & my dad maybe 6-8 years younger than his sister.
    My great-grandmother–on my mom’s side–died when she was about 90 in about 1958, so I’m guesstimating she was born in about 1872.
    Color me astounded if you followed all that. Or even bothered to read all that. In any case, #7.


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