A bad joke for my friends

Many of you already know my sense of humor. If so, you can stop reading here. 🙂 Anyway, this joke came to mind after watching my very second Dr. Who episode (are they all so creepy?). The first one featured manikins coming to life and the second one was about very scary weeping angel statues.

photo credit: Madison Berndt via photopin cc
photo credit: Madison Berndt via photopin cc
One day a very rich Cajun decided to build a new house. He found a piece of land, hired a contractor, and told him just what he envisioned for his new place. The contractor did all the man asked, but wasn’t sure about one of the requests. The Cajun had told him that he wanted a “halo statue” in each room. The contractor scratched his head, asked people about it, but still didn’t know what a halo statue was. He finally decided that with most Cajuns being Catholic, the man must be referring to angel statues. So he bought one small angel statue for each room and put them in innocuous places.
The day came. It was time for the Cajun man to see his new home. The contractor toured him through the house and the Cajun made said a lot of positive things. But at the end of the tour he said, “It be lookin’ good, but I didn’t see no halo statues in any of the rooms.”
By this time, the contractor was too embarrassed to ask for clarification on the halo statues. He figured, maybe the angels were too small, or maybe he hadn’t displayed them prominently enough. He assured  the man he would have the problem fixed immediately. He got on the phone, called the place that furnished the angels and exchanged them for the biggest ones they had. This time, he even bought statues for all the bathrooms, storage rooms, and closets and put them in the most obvious places in all the rooms. Then he invited Mr. Thibodeaux back to look at his house.
This time, Mr. Thibodeaux didn’t say anything as he toured through the rooms. In fact, with each room they went through, Mr. Thibodeax’s frown increased as did the furrow on his brow. Finally, he burst out, “What’s wit all dem angels? And where are the halo statues?”
“I’m very sorry, Mr. Thibodeaux. I thought when you said halo statues you meant angel statues.”
Mr. Thibodeaux shook his head. “No, no. I meant one o’ dem tings that goes bring bring and then you pick it up and say ‘Halo statue?'”
See, bad joke, but it still makes me laugh. And before any one gets offended, I heard this from one of my Cajun uncles. 😉
And for those of you who didn’t get it. Here’s a clue: 
photo credit: jgh_photo via photopin cc
photo credit: jgh_photo via photopin cc

6 thoughts on “A bad joke for my friends

  1. Yes. Creepy shows are a staple for Doctor Who and have been since the early 60’s. The show was under heavy criticism for decades by parent groups because of the monster\fear aspects. There are only a few that remember over thirteen different doctors that weren’t creepy..

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  2. I keep meaning to check out Dr Who since it’s so popular. But I hadn’t heard they are creepy! I don’t know if I can do creepy – mild-creepy is one thing, but I can’t handle creepy-creepy…(Plus I’m just not sure where to start?)


    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one! I watched episode 1 on Netflx with my girls because so many of Lindsey’s friends like Dr. Who. When we got done, Lindsey and Lauren said, “that was kinda scary!” So I watched a random episode on TV (they’re doing a marathon because the new season starts really soon), and it was even more disturbing. I reminds me a lot of Alfred Hitchcock but with a quirky sci-fi time travel theme. I might watch a few now and again but I’m not sure I’ll ever be a Whovian. Oh well.


    2. The new series that is starting in a couple of days is a great place to start because there will be a brand new Doctor. You could also start with the episode Rose, which is the beginning of “modern Doctor Who”. At some point though, you will want to check out some of the classic stories. John Pertwee and Tom Baker from the 70s were particularly good Doctors.


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