hashtag your prayer journal

photoDo you keep a prayer journal? If you don’t, you might consider trying it out. It’s easy.

I use a spiral notebook and fold the first few pages in half. On the left column you write the date and the prayer requests and leave the right side open for the answers. Keeping a prayer journal has some great benefits:

  • You know how you tell people you’re praying for them? This way, you’ll remember to do it. And not only do it, but check back with them to see how things are going.
  • It keeps you organized. One stop shopping for all your prayers of intercession.
    • I recently started using #hashtags as a quick reference for what I was praying. For instance, I have a friend that has a great job opportunity but it would require him to move his entire family to another country. So he’s on the list and I’m praying for his situation, but what I’m asking God to provide him is #wisdom. I could also have put #discernment or #bigflashingneonsign, but you get the idea.
  • Proof that God answers prayers. 
    • This particular prayer journal I started recently, so only a few things on the right column have answers. I’ve gotten out of the habit, but in our small group a couple of years ago, I would journal our prayer requests. It was amazing to go back and look at the pages of answered prayers. Spiritual encouragement. A wonderful place to go and see God’s work in your life. Pages of love, hope, and faithfulness at your fingertips.

What I noticed today as I #hashtagged the prayer requests is that over half of my list is requests for healing. It’s not surprising–when someone is sick, especially if they are very sick, we ask people to pray for them. But what about the other things in life? Paul admonishes us to

Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. ~1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Not that you’re going to ask just anyone to pray for all the nitty-gritty sticky personal stuff going on in your life, but don’t be afraid to ask the people you trust to pray for things besides just #healing. Get personal. Get real. God answers prayers.


Need prayer? Post below or message me and I’ll add you to my journal.


18 thoughts on “hashtag your prayer journal

  1. I remember learning about prayer journals at my first bible study in ’07. I really need to get back on it because the more I pray, specifically and with intent and anticipation…I’m shocked at how, when and where HE answers! Our prayers produce real answers. Once we say them, they go into active mode!


    1. I learned it in a class in seminary. My prayer journal is on the front end of my response journal (writing thoughts and copying Scripture that stands out (and why) from that day’s Bible reading). Both are spiritual rudders to me. I can tell when I don’t do them that the day doesn’t go as well.


  2. I’ve kept a prayer journal for years, too. Like anything else, I sometimes get tired of the routine and switch it out to a different format. I like your fold-the-page-in-half idea for requests and answers.Lately, I keep a page for each person (close to me) and then by topic: friends at work, broken marriages, nation, etc. I don’t date it, but I add a tally mark each time I pray – I can’t get through my whole journal in one sitting. Then I * when a prayer is answered. I use a three-ring binder, so if something comes my way – like One Cry’s monthly prayer calendar, I hole punch it and add it to the binder.


    1. That’s dedication and organization. I sometimes get overwhelmed by the number of prayer requests. I used to be on the prayer team at my church and the daily emails with requests for prayer were staggering. IT makes you thankful for your own life in comparison to what others are going through. But it’s hard to get through all the requests independently. How do you do it? Do you pray for specific things on specific days? Or do you pray for a certain length of time and then bookmark so you know where to pick up the next day?


  3. I don’t but I like the idea. The hashtags is good, too – sometimes a situation can be so overwhelming you’re not sure what you are praying for specifically. I think I’ll break out one of my stenographer notebooks for the purpose. My favorite notebooks for writing in are stenographer notebooks since the spiral-binding is usually across the top so I can write front & back without my hand hitting the spiral-binding. They usually come with a line down the middle so pre-folded you might say.


  4. Oh – I was also going to say, while I don’t keep that kind of prayer journal, I did discover years ago that I like to write my devotional, morning prayers. Writing them keeps me focused and on track. Aside from those, I pray like I breathe – short, constant and all day.


  5. I don’t keep a prayer journal but this has really inspired me to do so. I like your ideas a lot. Do you have a small book that you carry around with you to jot down new ones? Thank you for sharing!


  6. Thanks for sharing this, and I see that my father’s recovery is on your list. You can say a word of praise that he is at home and his ability to walk is being restored. I love this post.


  7. Add me to your prayer journal : Linda needs a well paying employee/w4 kind of job with a kind boss and good hours. (or be at peace about working a 1099 job or have some other kind of properous employment) She needs healing In her spirit/soul and needs God to mend me and make me whole. She needs God to heal her and help her with the tiredness/bed issue. She needs to feel a strong connection, guidance, and clear sense of God’s presence in her walk with GOD. For all things to be restored. Her parents need financial help to pay bills, healing in their relationship, be able to sell the vette, dad get a new job, and that their health would improve. Prayers for Cameron in rehab -help him get his life in order so he can play his music. #clear presence #healing and wholeness #connection #a good paying job #give cameron strength and wisdom to overcome.


  8. I am just starting my prayer journal and I ran up on your prayer journaling om Pinterest. I never thought to do the #. Folding through pages are a neet idea that I think I am going to try. I have been journaling for years.I just put my prayers in with whatever am to my mind. Was needing to try something new to try. Thank you for your idea.


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