Vote for my short stories

Hi, everyone.

This is a shameless request to ask you to go to and vote for two short stories I have written for their 2014 Short Story Contest. The top 50 entries will be published into an anthology (yay!). You can vote for as many as you like (green thumbs up).

Healing Timesmall__2069420378:

Healing Time is Steampunk (genre) – set in the Victorian Age but with marvelous inventions based on gears or steam technology.


Shadow PlayShadow Play:

Shadow Play is young adult fiction, written as a metaphor of Genesis 3.


Karen deBlieck
Karen deBlieck

And while you’re there, my friend and writing buddy Karen deBlieck, also has a short story in the contest. (I actually think hers is better than either of mine). Read it and see what you think.

Talking Drum:


I’m interested in what you think. Which of the stories appealed to you most, and why? What do you think of short stories in general?


10 thoughts on “Vote for my short stories

  1. I remember Shadow Play but I must have missed Healing Time last time. It remembers my vote and won’t let me vote for it again. I don’t remember there being so many stories last time I was on that site!

    I really enjoy well-done short stories but I think I’m too picky as I tend to have a hard time finding ones I really like. Some try to tell too much too fast. I like stories that aren’t too cheesy and have a unique take on a situation.


    1. Healing Time just got posted yesterday. There weren’t enough entries, so they extended the submission period for 2 more months. I’m surprised it wouldn’t let you vote again. I didn’t have a problem going in and green thumbing my new story. Thanks for trying!


      1. I worded that wrong – it let me vote for Healing Time. I tried voting again for the first one but I guess it is still the original round of voting so it knows I already did. There are a lot of goodnew stories.


  2. I LOVE what you did with both of these stories, Lisa. Karen’s is awesome too. You two creative, imaginative writers! It’s tough to include a complete plot and keep to the “short” in short story. But you’ve both done it. Voted for all 3!


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