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photo credit: Michele Catania via photopin cc
photo credit: Michele Catania via photopin cc

I never done a blog hop. Have you ever read one? This isn’t a jump-through-the-hoops-to-win-something variety. This is a writing-on-topic variety. And meet-my-writer-friends name drop. LOL

The talented Kat Hackenbach, the first author I ever interviewed, kindly tagged me to answer a series of questions on how, what, and why I write. If you’re interested in her answers, you can find them over at her blog: Both of her fantasy novels (Christian worldview) Finding Angel and Seeking Unseen are great and recommended, particularly for teens. 

Hold on to your knickers, here we go…

1) What am I working on?

I’m currently co-writing a book with Mike Lynch. It’s a futuristic sci-fi novel about Mind Writers, people that can transfer souls from one body to another through touch. (Mike’s clever idea). We’re at over 35,000 words, so that’s about half-way done. Writing with another author is growing me as a writer. I’m enjoying the experience and hope to be able to apply what I’m learning to my novel-in-progress, Truth Seeking, a re-imagining of the book of Ruth

The other thing I’m working on is a series of short stories with six other writers. Our first combined story debuted in February, and now we are each adding chapters to the story, if you will. I have a character named Sarah West who is a geologist from Earth sent to study Planet Zero, a penal colony. The first volume, Colony Zero: Contact, is available at Amazon.

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2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

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In terms of the sci-fi that I’m writing with other authors, the premise differs. I’d like to think that the stories we’re telling are pretty original. But as you’ll see from the chart on the left, a fantastic compilation from, there’s very little new when it comes to literature. Just think of Ecclesiastes, “there’s nothing new under the sun.” 😉 One thing missing from Epic Reads’ chart is Bible retellings. That is what I like to write best.

3) Why do I write what I do?

The simplest answer is that I’d like to give Christian teens sci-fi and fantasy books they can read that are written from a Christian worldview. So, hopefully my stories are infused with hope and Truth–God’s Truth, not the relative little-t truth taught in the world today. As a kid/teen, I devoured fantasy books but I always felt guilty bringing them to church, like they were something to be ashamed of. Magic, sorcery, etc. A friend just asked me for a list of Christian sci-fi and fantasy for a teen she mentors because her mom was pushing her to read “Christian books” and she’s a sci-fi lover. Thankfully, I have a long list of favorite to recommend. I’d like to write books that invest in the next generation, teach biblical Truth, and get people interested in reading the Bible stories themselves.

4) How does your writing process work?

Slowly. Poor Mike, my writing partner, writes two chapters in just a couple of days and gets them to me and then generally has to wait a month for me to return the same amount. My goal is to write a scene (~2 hours) a day. To do that, I have to have computer time and a good handle on where to take the story. Sometimes I have one but not the other and that slows me up.

As for plotting vs. pantsing (writing by the seat-of-your pants), I’m a combination. I have a rough idea/outline of where I want the story to go, but it’s the process of writing it that brings out the nifty details and surprises. The more I work with a story, the more ideas I get to go into it. And prayer helps as well. God is a great source for ideas. 🙂

That’s it, friends. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my writing. I have a short story that’s scheduled to be published next month–more on that later. Until then, I have a few great book to recommend and their authors to interview.

I encourage you to stop by my friends’ blogs as they answer these questions in the next week or so:

Gretchen EK – Gretchen likes to title her blog posts to 80’s music titles. She has a thing for elves and a proclivity for steam punk. 

Beth Steury: – Beth feels strongly in abstinence and second-chance virginity. It’s never too late to save yourself for your future spouse, regardless whether you’ve made mistakes in your past. She’s written a gripping YA novel that we’re hoping someone picks up and publishes soon. It’s ready and it’s a great read.

Karen Karen is my long lost twin sister. We met and have the same zany sense of humor, despite the fact that we look nothing alike and aren’t even from the same country. Her blog posts read like poetry and she has a great fantasy YA book ready to be published.

Now, dear readers, let me here from you? If you could ask a writer anything about how, what, or why they write, what would it be?


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