a new favorite for 2014 – the night circus by erin morgenstern

Every once in a while, I fall in love with a book. It didn’t take me very long to realize I was developing a crush on The Night Circus, but could woo me to the finish and become a true love? Or would it fall off into disappointed oblivion, just another tease on the roadway to the favorite few?

I had seen its cover before. I had read the back cover blurb. I had been interested, yes, but I never took the plunge. It was always too expensive for a girl who has over 150 unread books on her kindle, so many of them freely given. And the premise sounded vaguely depressing…an area I don’t need much help with, thank you very much…so I was leery.

Three weeks ago I was at the library looking for an audio book. I’m the sort of driver who has to have something besides music piping at me if I’m going to stay awake longer than twenty minutes in a car. And my monthly writers group meetings are an hour from my house so I had to have a book. And there it was, waving shyly at me from one of the shelves. I read the back cover again and thought, why not?

Eleven CDs later why not? turned into where have you been all my life?

From a writing standpoint, The Night Circus is cleverly told from multiple points of view with parallel story lines written twenty years apart. Sections of it are even written in second person, a difficult feat to pull off, but one the author does well. So many characters spread out over a period of thirty or so years. With the questions of why? and how will it end? cleverly strung along until the very end. 

The book itself is magical. It takes you to the pinnacle of what a circus should be and makes you feel a part of it. The wondrous magicalness of possibility mingled with mystery and star-crossed lovers. Ah, how long until I pick it up again, this time reading it for myself instead of listening to it read for me by someone else? It’s the sort of book I need on my bookshelf where I can look over at it and smile every time I see it. I might even have to blow it kisses.

I’m not alone in feeling this way about books. What books have your dearest loves? Your oldest loves? Your most recent romances?


7 thoughts on “a new favorite for 2014 – the night circus by erin morgenstern

  1. OK, I need to try this book now. I’ve seen some really great reviews but just haven’t taken the plunge.

    As for books I’ve recently fallen in love with, Maggie Stiefvater’s new series has me swooning–The Raven Boys and The Dream Thieves are the books out so far.

    I also recently read the third/last book in a series I’ve loved by Kersten Hamilton–Tyger Tyger, In the Forests of the Night, and When the Stars Threw Down Their Spears.


  2. I really don’t care for love triangle’s but I’ll agree with Gretchen. That is a series I had to buy in hardback to keep. (Though I haven’t read the last one yet. I better not be disappointed!!!)

    I’m not sure why Lesley Livingston’s books caught my heart so. If I really analyze them, they aren’t that great. They tend to start slow and take a while to get anywhere. And the romances are much too instant-love. But something about them sucks me in so I have them all in hardback to treasure.

    Then there’s the Harry Potter books, of course. And a few of my favorite manga (Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, MeruPuri and WJuliet) I keep them all on a different bookshelf from most of our books – in a place of honor where I can easily grab them for my constant/nonstop rereads.

    My dearest & oldest love has to be the Narnia Chronicles. My dad bought me a set when I was in 3rd grade – they are tattered soft-backs, taped together to hold the covers on and pages inside. But I love the artwork on the covers and inside the covers are the dates and signatures of myself and my mom as we read them all those years ago. I’ve even lost The Magicians Nephew. Someday I need to buy a new set but nothing I see compares with the memories of these specific books. Plus, they are British editions from the early 80’s and therefore have a few spots that have been altered in later editions.


  3. Lisa we like so many of the same books, so I checked this out as soon as I read your post. I needed something to cure my most-recent literary hangover. I too went with the audio book because it was 1. Available 2. I maximize my reading by listening to audio books while doing housework. I’m on part 11. Wow just wow. The hair of the dog after finishing The Book Thief.


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