meerkats for Mary

photo credit: Anguskirk via photopin cc
photo credit: Anguskirk via photopin cc

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter M.

M for meerkats

M for Mary

M for Monday (the day I should have posted)

I know very little about meerkats but I just looked them up and in a weird 6 degrees of separation thing, I thought I’d tell you how meerkats relate to me.

“The meerkat … is a small mammal belonging to the mongoose family. Meerkats live in all parts of the Kalahari Desert in Botswana, in much of the Namib Desert in Namibia and southwestern Angola, and in South Africa.”

#1 M for mammal – I’m a mammal and so is a mongoose. (So are you, for that matter).

M is also for Mongoose – not only is my bicycle a Mongoose (#2), but Rikki Tikki Tavi is my favorite of all Rudyard Kipling’s stories (#3). Do you remember the cartoon? If not, you can watch it on Youtube or you can buy a VHS copy on Amazon (but hurry because there’s only one left!).


#4 Mongeese (?) live in the Kalahari desert. My oldest dog’s full name is Kalahari, but we call her Kali for short. Kali is a Rhodesian Ridgeback (#5), a type of dog that originated in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) which neighbors the area that meerkats populate. Coincidence? I think not!

Kali, age 13
Kali, age 13

Finally, #6. Meerkats live in the desert, and I grew up in the desert. The Chihuahuan desert, but it’s still a desert. That make me practically a meerkat. Well, not really…

So, as you can see, I was able to come up with 6 things that meerkats and I have in common.

Now, what about you? Any meerkat stories? Interesting tidbits that start with M? Or a suggestion for a future blog post so you won’t be subjected to my mundane musings? (Please don’t unsubscribe!)




2 thoughts on “meerkats for Mary

  1. Hahaha – so, that request on Facebook for blog post ideas was sincere? 😉 I’ve always liked Meerkats although Disney’s The Lion King kinda ruined them a little for me.

    What’s the story behind your dog’s name being Kalahari?
    Have you seen the “The Gods Must Be Crazy” movies?
    Or the “A Far Off Place” movie? (or read the books?)
    I did my paper for my B.S. on the San (Bushmen) of the Kalahari because of the influence of all those movies/books, that’s why I’m curious.

    Tell us about your education/job – it’s something to do with engineering, right? Our International Students we’ve adopted are electrical engineers (that’s what they are pursuing here anyway). We joked with them that as engineers they should be able to fix our garage door, right? And they laughed and said that’s the kind of thing theirs families back home are always saying.

    Other ideas:
    Spiritual Gifts
    Turning Points in Life – pivotal moments
    Different genres and what is appealing about each
    Things you love in books
    Things you dislike in books


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