Last chance to win a bunch of great books

Tomorrow is our mega drawing. This is your last chance to enter to win a bunch of great stories.

Click here to win a fantastic tween book by Mary L. Hamilton called Hear No Evil. Gift a teen with this great story, or better yet, read it as a family and take some time to discuss real life issues. It’s a good read for any age.

Click here to win Linda Kozar’s “Until the Fat Ladies Sing” mysteries. These books are so fun, I know you’ll love them.







Click here to win Necessary Evil, a short story by the co-founder of The Scriblerians, TJ Akers. His story is part of Mike Lynch’s No Revolution Is Too Big series. 

Click here to win Jill Williamson’s newest book, Outcasts (#2 in the Safe Lands series). I’m giving away 1 copy for every 20 new blog or FB followers, so tell your friends!

Click here to win a fantastic Viking story called God’s Daughter by Heather Day Gilbert. Who doesn’t love Vikings? Great for both historical and adventure readers. A real look at how Vikings lived and what they believed.

Click here to win S.R. Karfelt’s Warrior of the Ages. This is part suspense/thriller, part romance and a fun new story world.

All you have to do to win, besides enter, is to follow this blog and/or my FB author page. Click on the link, head to the blog post, fill out the form, and enter to win some great stories—free!

Winners for all giveaways will be announced HERE tomorrow, January 17th. Good luck!

And if you’re interested in my favorite YA reads for 2013, hop over to The Scriblerians blog today.


2 thoughts on “Last chance to win a bunch of great books


    Linda Kozar’s Until the Fat Ladies Sing series (3 books): Sparksofember
    Paperback copy of Misfortune Cookies: Linda Samariton & amyc

    Hear No Evil e-copy: Brandy Ischy

    Outcasts: Rachel K.

    God’s Daughter: Gina Kelley

    Warrior of the Ages, autographed: Linda Samaritoni
    Warrior of the Ages, e-copy: Sparksofember

    Congratulations everyone, and thanks for following me! Happy reading!!


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