SR Karfelt, Warrior of the Ages, and free books

S.+R.+Karfelt+Nicole+Mason+Photography(1)I met Stephanie online when we were both semi-finalists in a writing contest. I finaled but didn’t win, and she withdrew from consideration because her book was picked up for publication! Once it was out, I got a copy and enjoyed reading it. I think y’all will like it as well. The first half is romantic suspense, while the last half is mostly romance.  It’s great for readers who enjoy fantasy worlds and magic as well, because there’s some other-wordly stuff going on as well, although WOA is placed in a contemporary setting. Some interesting things happen during the last part of the book that have me very interested in the sequel. Let’s just say there are some really interesting characters in the Warrior of the Ages world. Hold onto your hearts and here we go…

First question, Stephanie, do you consider yourself a Christian author or author of Christian fiction? What do you think the difference is?

Since my stories always have a twist of fantasy, and I write them as they come to me, I don’t think they fit into the Christian Fiction category well, meaning a book that has a spiritual payload or is biblical. The Warrior’s of the Ages series has a spiritual theme, and I am a Christian, but I write for a mainstream audience too.

Where did you come up with the idea of an immortal warrior, and did Genesis 6:1-6 have anything to do with it?

This story popped into my head during a migraine at an engineering conference, one word at a time, Times New Roman font. Kahtar was originally almost a side character, but I knew that he was immortal and some of his background. After I wrote what are now books 3-6, I backtracked and wrote Kahtar’s story, and then what is now book two. Because I realized that Kahtar is the link, and his story and why he is like he is ties all the books together. I hope that was elusive, I’m planning to keep my readers guessing about Kahtar’s origins!

There’s a lot going on with Kahtar. He’s part of the Clan, but different from them at the same time. He doesn’t understand why he’s immortal. And he’s been involved in some interesting historical scenes. When will we (and Kahtar) find out more about his immortality? And what made you choose to link him to Longinus?

It wasn’t a conscious decision to link Kahtar to Longinus. It’s just how his story unfolded. If I can get away with making book three as large as I like, you’ll get some surprise answers to Kahtar’s immortality in book four.

What are you working on now?

Right now I’m doing the first round of edits on book number two. It should be out early next year. It’s called BLANK a shieldmaiden’s voice, and if you read Warrior of the Ages you’ll realize it is actually a prequel. It’s about Carole Blank USMC. She grew up in foster care, not realizing she was a Covenant Keeper, and misdiagnoses the voices in her head as schizophrenia. The story takes you right up to how Beth ended up in Willowyth, Ohio with…well, I don’t want to say too much for those who haven’t read the book yet!

And before you go, what is one thing you’d like your readers to know?

This series is written so that the stories are also stand alone, meaning you could feasibly pick them up and read in any order. Though, of course, the recommended order works best. Each book also ends, and my job is to intrigue you enough to want to learn more about the world of Covenant Keepers. I’m a big reader, and I appreciate the satisfaction of a good ending, but when I really like a world I also appreciate knowing there is more. I wrote these books with that philosophy in mind.

And SR has left us with a sneak peek from Warrior of the Ages. I love this scene because it shows the personality of some of the characters. 😉



Sherman Kelts picked Beth up from the police station in his Jag-You-Are as he called it. He announced she could pay him back by treating him to lunch.

At the Bistro of his choice in downtown Cleveland, Beth watched as Sherman actually sniffed the wine cork. Deaf to her protests he insisted on filling her glass to the top with the shockingly expensive beverage.

“You’ll love it. Just taste it.”

“I don’t drink.”

“Wine isn’t drinking.” Sherman took a large mouthful and swished it around like mouthwash. Beth decided Sherman seemed like the sort of man who could have a perfectly happy lunch with very little response on her part, quite possibly none.

Settling comfortably into her cushioned pew, Beth ignored her lawyer and the wine. She ate her organic salad, quietly thrilled to have found what her mother always called real food. Sherman ranted about retribution for her false arrest. Beth occupied her mouth with chewing to keep from arguing, almost thankful for his soliloquy.

After a hopeful examination of the dessert tray, she settled on a Buy Local Fruit Compote. The waitress, a pretty redhead appropriately named Kelli, lifted the glass dish straight from her tray, setting it on the table in front of Beth. Several blueberries rolled over the edge, and Beth nabbed them off her lap, popping them into her mouth.

“Mmm, organic.”

“Organic is a gimmick. Just a way to get you to pay more,” said Sherman.

“Actually no it isn’t,” said Beth. Kelli winked at her and turned away with the luscious tray of desserts.

“For the price of that fruit, you should have gone with strawberry shortcake. Now that’s dessert – homemade cake and ice-cream. Killer fattening though. Looks like Kelli might be a big fan, if you know what I mean.” There could be no doubt that Kelli had heard every word, but she continued smiling at the couple at the next table.

Unable to stop the truth tumbling from her lips Beth glanced pointedly at her lawyer’s paunch while he shoveled in a double chocolate cheesecake.

“Kelli and I both know exactly what you mean, and I couldn’t disagree more. You’re very observant of the perceived faults of others, but you seem blind to your own.”

“Don’t take it personally, Beth. You could eat everything on that tray without a worry.”

“Thank you, Sherman. Perhaps I should.”

Holding his fork and a hand out defensively, he said, “I didn’t mean to say that you’re too skinny. Though women look better a little underweight and that’s a fact.”

Beth motioned to Kelli, who rolled her eyes a bit and returned. She slid the check across the polished antique table. Beth immediately slipped her credit card into it, handing it back to the gorgeously curvaceous waitress. Counselor Kelts continued stuffing his feet in his mouth until the woman returned to whisper that the card had been declined.

The same was soon true of all three of Beth’s credit cards.

While Sherman submitted his take on the wisdom of purchasing a house beyond one’s means, Beth rooted in her bag, thankful to locate enough cash to keep her out of any further debt to Mr. Kelts.

“You can’t be serious.” Kelli shoved the extra fifty back at Beth.

“Don’t worry, I actually can afford it. Besides, you earned it,” Beth said.

“Thanks.” Kelli stuffed it into her pants pocket, and nodded towards Sherman. “I’ll use it to buy more cake.”

Reprint from Warrior of the Ages, Chapter Seven by S. R. Karfelt

Copyright 2013

S. R. Karfelt All Rights Reserved

Votadini Publishing ~ Horace Tupper Books

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Now, who wants to win a copy? We’re giving away 2 copies – one soft-cover autographed copy (US residents only), and one e-copy. Winners drawn on January 17th.

And now, dear readers, tell me how you decide which book you’re going to read/buy next.


8 thoughts on “SR Karfelt, Warrior of the Ages, and free books

  1. Sounds like a book I would really enjoy. Fantasy, suspense & lots of romance – my idea of an awesome book! 😉
    I use a highly complex formula to decide which book to buy/read next. It consists of keeping a massive pile by my bed at all times and carrying in my head a constantly amended top 10 list of books to buy. Then based on when I have the cash, see the book, the mood I’m in, etc… lol


  2. Very nice post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wanted to mention that I’ve really loved surfing around your blog posts. After all I will be subscribing in your rss feed and I hope you write once more soon!


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