my top 10 posts of 2013

photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc
photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc

Copying is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Well, I purloined the idea for this blog post from Mike Duran’s blog. I’m OK with flattering him and his blog; it’s one of my favorites. ­čÖé

I like statistics and thought it would be interesting to see which of my blog posts for 2013 have been most popular. The way I figure it, if I know what you enjoy, I could write more of those types of posts. Without further ado, here’s the countdown to #1:

#10. unstoppable by nick vujicic

#9. hero by mike lupica

#8. the city of ember by jeanne duprau

#7. author interview and giveaway: the captivating heather sunseri

#6. strangely plausible: amish vampires in space

#5. six solitude road by bethany macmanus

#4. kerry nietz on his strangely plausible book, amish vampires in space

#3. mental illness, demon possession, and crazy dangerous by andrew klavan

#2. author spotlight & giveaway: the beguiling bethany macmanus

#1. the captive maiden by melanie dickerson

So, if I’m understanding this correctly, you guys like books, book reviews, giveaways, and author interviews a bunch. More than my captivating blogs posts on the Trinity and theology? ­čśë

Well, you’re in luck! Between now and the end of the year, I have author interviews and book giveaways heading your way. Check back on Thursday for your first change to win a free book for Christmas.

Before you go, what was your favorite blog post this year?


7 thoughts on “my top 10 posts of 2013

  1. I really don’t know which post was my favorite. I’ve enjoyed the theological discussions and the reviews/giveaways and the interviews. I think my favorite part is that you always end with a question. My favorite blogs invite feedback & interaction. And 99.9% of the time, if a blogger never replies to comments or asks for discussion, I end up unfollowing.


    1. I think anyone who writes a blog would love discussion. I just think they don’t know they’re supposed to invite it. I was so glad when someone told me what to do and that you’ve found it effective. ­čśë


      1. I used to follow the blog of a specific author but she had comments completely turned off on her blog. There were so many times when I wanted to say something and couldn’t. So I ended up unfollowing. It was too frustrating otherwise. I definitely like the ending-question format. There are times when one wants to comment just so the writer knows you read it, but you aren’t sure what to say. Having a question to answer makes it easier. ­čśë


        1. That would be frustrating. I don’t understand why you’d blog if you didn’t want to interact with people. Unless you’re just doing it for yourself. I get so excited when someone comments, even if they completely disagree with me. It’s nice to know someone out there is reading my stuff. Especially if I write something helpful.

          You make my day, Sparks, because you always comment. You’re a treasure. ­čÖé


  2. Hi lisa! I am thoroughly enjoying your blog as well. I must confess that I started writing a novel a couple years ago and then stopped because I wasn’t sure if it was what the Lord wanted me to do. It involves the super natural, fight between good and evil, love and tragety, all the stuff that makes a story good (at least the kind I fancy). Well get this, after writing a scene where a demon is banished, my computer completely died! No joke; I had to have a computer tech pull the story from the hard drive. Thankfully it was saved! Last time I worked on it, my new computer shut down (thankfully it didn’t die completely, but my new computer never shut down before). On top of this I had some really frightening dreams. I have to say, this has made me not want to continue (even tho I really do). I’ve wrestled with, is this from God or wicked principalities? I’m thinking the last since I’m seeking to glorify God with this book -and the nightmares r certainly not from him! The supernatural can be a bit intimidating…

    Anyways, I had a friend tell me that Jesus is Michael the archangel, that’s how I found Ur blog. I was curious what others out there got from the scripts. Despite all the evidence in scripture proving that he is not Michael, she’s still not convinced. Heart breaking to say the least. What we believe about Jesus determines everything.

    After I became a Christian I found it discouraging to find good Christian fiction that interested me personally (I know I’m jumping around, trying to keep this relatively short)! Let me just finish with saying Amish and pioneer romance wasn’t for me. Anyways, you’ve given me some new authors to look into. It’s been quiet a while since I’ve enjoyed a book. Thank you =)


    1. Hi, JR!

      It’s hard sometimes to figure out if it’s the enemy or God putting roadblocks in our path. Over time, God makes himself clear. I agree that the supernatural can be intimidating. I don’t like horror movies that deal with demons for that reason. Because if you believe the Bible, you know they’re out there.

      It took me a while to find Christian fantasy/sci-fi because it’s not in most bookstores. Now I have more than I can read – which is a happy problem to have.

      It’s nice to make a new friend. Do you have a blog?



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