the surprise attack of jabba the puppet by tom angleberger

Do you like Star Wars?

Have you attending public school (elementary, junior high, or high school)?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then let me recommend a book series to you: The Origami Yoda series by Tom Angleberger.

Here they all are so you can see how clever the titles are:

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda

Darth Paper Strikes Back

The Secret of the Fortune Wookie

And now, The Suprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett.

We order these books pre-release so we have them when they come out. So yes, that means we are eagerly anticipating the newest book, Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue!

We fight over who gets to read them first (me, my husband, my daughter).

We laugh and laugh and laugh.

And then we cry, because the book is over and our lives are not as bright without the Origami Yoda characters. So we watch all of the Star Wars movies again just to make ourselves feel better.

And if you like origami, you’re in for a treat because each book comes with directions to make the origami character on the cover of the book.

Now, I have to warn you…these books are not without controversy. The students have issues with the school administration. Some people condemn this as anti-establishment. But really, it’s anti-stupid-rules. It’s not school administration that is the butt of the Origami Yoda jokes, but the illogical and uncreative way that student behavior and standardized test scores are handled.

Another caution, in the current book, The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppet, the language was rougher than the earlier books. Instances of cr@p and @$$ bothered me as a parent. I don’t talk like that, my kids don’t talk like that, I wish they didn’t have to read it in books. This is the only reason I would hesitate to recommend this book in the series. So, be warned.

Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the ride, kid. And may the farce be with you.

Anyone read this series? If so, which book or character is your favorite? If not, what is your favorite book for tweens?


4 thoughts on “the surprise attack of jabba the puppet by tom angleberger

  1. When I saw the title of this post, my first thought was, “gee, they must REALLY like these books” and then you talked about how much your whole family loves them. 🙂 It’s sad they had to put language in the last one – I wonder what they were thinking. I’ve seen these at the school book fairs. I need to check if the library has them!


    1. Yeah. I read it with my daughter and kept having to say “We don’t talk like this. It’s not OK to say that word.” On the bright side, he had the characters make up a word that meant cr@p and used that instead. I was OK with that.


  2. Hmmm, I’m thinking I might have to look at these at the library. My kids are Star Wars nerds (proudly) and I’m sure they would enjoy them. Sad that they had to add the language. Thanks for recommending this. 🙂


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