thanking God for glasses

photo credit: Denis Collette...!!! via photopin cc
photo credit: Denis Collette…!!! via photopin cc

I am basically blind. Without my glasses, I can’t see the E on the eye chart. Notice I didn’t say I couldn’t read it, I said I couldn’t see it. My vision is so blurry that, to my eyes, there is no eye chart.

Without my glasses, the entire world looks like one of Monet’s paintings. Well, perhaps that’s too generous; you can still tell what things are in one of Monet’s paintings. Let me put it this way: if I forget where I placed my glasses I have to get my husband or daughters to find them for me because there’s no way I can see them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I’ve worn glasses since I was in 5th grade. Poor vision is something I’m used to. It’s part of who I am.

As I lay in bed looking out the window at sunlight filtering through the trees (a nice green backdrop with white prisms showing through), I realized that I take my glasses for granted. What if I couldn’t put them on and see the world around me clearly? How much would I miss? My girls’ smiles, the tiny lizards that surround our house, butterflies, dirt on the floor (ok, so I wouldn’t miss that one).

This little guy is the length of my house key
This little guy is the length of my house key

The point is that our wonderful Creator gifted someone(s) with the ability to make glasses. He gifted our family with the ability to afford them. He gifted me with people who can find them for me when I lose them. So, this morning, I decided to sit and reflect on what a wonderful Heavenly Father we have. Glasses are merely one of a million things about Him I take for granted.

What about you? Will you join me in finding one thing that you’ve never thanked God for? Something you usually take for granted? I’d love to hear what it is. Perhaps it will inspire someone else to thank God for that blessing as well. Share the love and worship God with me this morning!


7 thoughts on “thanking God for glasses

      1. Here’s one. Over the weekend we went to a festival. The kids got a free book through a county early learning program. We had to fill out a questionnaire. One of the questions was how many books do our kids own. We estimated 100.


  1. Well I can certainly relate, I have worn glasses since I was two years old. I am legally blind in my right eye and it still crosses after several surgeries. However, on the bright side God gave me fairly good vision in my left eye (with glasses) for which I sincerely thank him. If I were to lose the sight in my left eye I would be unable to function outdoors without help. I still have trouble finding my glasses in the mornings which is why I always try to put them in the same place on my bedside table. Well if I sit and reflect on this I am still truly blessed I have arms and hands to feel for my glasses and legs and knees to crawl around the floor to hunt when I knock them off the table. So beautiful children, grandchildren, my sweet pets, sunsets, butterflies, birds and flowers are a few things I enjoy and can be thankful for each and every day. God is good and his gifts we are given to enjoy are truly awesome.


    1. Wow. I had no idea you had that sort of problem with one of your eyes. I don’t remember seeing pictures of you as a kid with glasses. Thanks for sharing, Aunt Frankie! 🙂 (or should I say cousin?)


      1. Aunt Frankie is just fine or cousin will work also. I really do not recall ever not wearing glasses. But as I said earlier God is good and I really can’t complain although I do at times. LOL


  2. I can relate, too! I’ve had glasses since 4th grade and I’d definitely have a tough time without them. I had been telling my parents for a while that I thought I needed them because I couldn’t read road signs and I knew that wasn’t right. I still remember how excited I was when I got them because of all the things I could suddenly see that I hadn’t realized we are supposed to be able to see – like the leaves on the trees instead of a green blur. And I have been known to call my husband or daughter for help when I accidentally knock my glasses off the dresser. 🙂

    Something I’ve never been thankful for… that’s a toughie since I’m always looking for things to appreciate. How about the little apartment my family lives in. Most of the time I tend to dislike it and be antsy to find a house and leave it – but truthfully it could be a much, much worse place. I’m grateful that we live there because of choice and not necessity. And I’m grateful that the reason it feels so small and cramped is because we have furniture, books and each other filling it up.


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