i am ocilla by diane m graham

Genre: Fantasy

Premise: Ocilla wakes up in a dark prison not knowing where she is or how she got there. The only thing she remembers is her name. She’s rescued by people who believe she is the Chosen One they’ve been awaiting for 500 years. Can she be their Chosen One, reunite the five kingdoms, and bring peace to the land without her memories?

Theology: His strength is made perfect in our weakness

Led by El and the Son through other characters, Ocilla learns that forgiveness is more powerful than knowledge. Strongly woven through the story is that the Creator has a plan for our good that will be executed in His perfect timing.

Rating: G

There are some dark parts in I Am Ocilla, as in all stories where good fights against evil, but nothing graphic, violent, or sexual. Good story for all ages.


Written in first person present tense, I am Ocilla has a dreamlike quality. The beginning of the story when Ocilla isn’t sure what is going on around her is especially surreal. The farther the book goes and the more grounded we get in story and character, the effect goes away. The story itself is fascinating, but the best parts of the book are the creative characters and their back stories.

Star rating: ****

I so loved the creatures in this novel. So very, very creative. What has been your favorite fantasy creature in a novel?


One thought on “i am ocilla by diane m graham

  1. I’ve heard of this book before & it caught my interest then. As for favorite fantasy creatures, I was mulling this over and my favorite fantasy creatures are the ones with the best personalities. Be it Reepicheep the mouse in Prince Caspian/Dawn Treader, Calsifer the fire demon in Howl’s Moving Castle, Lucky the Kelpie in Wondrous Strange…


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