daughter of light by morgan l. busse

Rowen Mar was raised in a small village by adoptive parents on whose doorstep she was left as an infant. Because she looked different from anyone else in the village, she grew up an outcast. After her parents’ deaths, she is exiled from her village for possessing a newly-developed supernatural ability. Her only option is to go to White City and become varor (bodyguard) to Lady Astrea, next in line to the throne. But to succeed, she must keep her new found ability a secret. Discovery could mean death.

Theme/Theology: You have to be forgiven before you can forgive

Morgan Busse does a compelling job portraying Christ’s sacrifice for us. Truly, it is the best part of the book. I’d like to describe it, but I don’t want to ruin it for you. But her point is clear—it is when we realize that we are forgiven, and the price that was paid for that forgiveness, that we are free to forgive others.

Rating: PG

While there is some mature content in Daughter of Light (attempted rape), it is handled so subtly that readers of any age could enjoy this book safely. The book does contain an assassin and war scenes, but neither are graphically described.

Social Issues:

Daughter of Light examines different ways people come to know the Word (Jesus). Whether a person has never heard of Him before, has believed but been led astray, or knows but rejects, He can call anyone He chooses to Himself, no matter what the person has done.


I would give Daughter of Light 5 stars (*****) for story/story world but only 3 stars (***) for writing. The book is filled with word repetition and “filtering” (think business letter writing, “I am writing to inform you that on June 25, 2013 I read Daughter of Light” as opposed to simply, “I read Daughter of Light”). While distracting to me, the average reader will probably not be bothered, and it is still worth reading for the story. I do plan to read the second in the series, Son of Truth.

What is the best portrayal of Christ’s sacrifice that you have read in fiction?


2 thoughts on “daughter of light by morgan l. busse

  1. High school & college word counts encourage filtering. I can remember trying to come up with the wordiest way to say something just so my word counts could be met. But that being said, sometimes it’s a style, too. Or what’s acceptable at a specific era of writing?

    I’m a little confused about the forgiven-to-forgive. I think I’ll have to read it to understand. So is it trying to say, one can’t truly understand how to forgive until one has experienced it for themselves?

    (On a side note, the first lines of your review immediately made me think of the movie version of The Grinch! What a crazy comparison! lol)


  2. SoE – I don’t know what to say about the Grinch other than that’s probably my favorite Christmas movie (love the music).

    The forgiven thing – it’s like we love because God first loved us. We can forgive once we’ve accepted what Christ has done for us (God’s forgiveness). That’s my take on it, anyway.


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