alias thomas a. katt by bob stewart

Have you ever wanted to date your cat? Then Alias Thomas A. Katt is for you! But seriously, I think Bob Stewart had fun penning this caper. It’s about a girl, her cat, and her sadistic serial-killer cop boyfriend. Of course, she doesn’t know he’s a sadistic serial-killer.

Set in New Orleans in modern times, Thomas the cat and Tom Katt the man switch places when they are walloped by Saint Expedite in a not-so-freak accident in the French Quarter. What follows is part fun/frolic and part suspense/thriller as the cat tries to keep his mistress safe from the man (or vice versa depending on who is in whose body).

Theology: Praying to the Saints

I’m not up on Catholic saintology, so I assume that Saint Expedite is made up as the author claims. This fictitious saint is the cause of the story’s pandemonium, and he keeps turning up to make things interesting.

To quote one the book, “Sometimes it takes The Almighty to knock the cr@p outta ya to get your head on straight.” — If this line bothers you, then you’ll want to steer clear of the book. 😉

Rating: PG-13/R for language, violence, and content

Alias Thomas A. Katt contains grisly murders with moderate graphic description and sexual innuendo. This is certainly not a book I would give to the kiddos.

A note from the author regarding profanity: “As to the street language used in this book; I neither condone it nor use it, but insert it in the spirit of authenticity.” Bob Stewart has done what he said. Profanity and sexual innuendo are there but within character and not gratuitous. If you’re not comfortable watching a rated R movie, then you shouldn’t read Alias Thomas A. Katt.

Social Issues:

Like the Conte of Monte Cristo, Alias Thomas A. Katt is replete with personal vendetta and justice.

On the bright side, our heroine is full of morality—won’t sleep with Tom until they’re married, which is while he’s still around trying to win a bet back at the station—and compassion for people and animals.

Other comments:

Alias Thomas A. Katt is in no way plausible. At times humorous, at other times sinister, it is an entertaining tale written by an experienced author. I especially liked this description,

“Even the spices couldn’t hide the pungent smell of brimstone drifting out of the kitchen, a mixture of the odors of hell and cheese that smelled like dirty gym socks.”

A word of caution to my writer friends: there is one chapter towards the middle of the book that it looks like it was missed during final editing.

Did I mention Tom Katt’s cop partner’s name is Felix? 😉


5 thoughts on “alias thomas a. katt by bob stewart

  1. “If you’re not comfortable watching a rated R movie, then you should read” – did you mean *shouldn’t* read?

    I love the idea behind the story – it’s very clever – but I don’t know about the R-rated violence. I guess it would depend on just how detailed and gruesome it is.

    So does she end up wanting to keep the cat in the man’s body so they can be together? That’s kinda where my mind goes with your opening question…

    Does the cat (with the man inside) ever try to kill her? I could see that being very funny. (Now I’m remembering scenes from the Bunnicula series – like when the cat draped a t-bone over the rabbit and was pounding on it with his paws, so confused why the “steak” wasn’t killing it. lol)

    You’ve got me really wondering about this book so job well done with that review! 🙂


  2. I read one of Bob’s other books, First Born. He is an excellent writer, although graphic at times, I agree he does keep it within the character. Thanks for the review on this book. It sounds like a great read!


    1. Hi Stacey! Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂

      Nancy read First Born and said the writing was killer (LOL) but the story was scary so I decided to read this one instead. I’m glad I did. I don’t do scary well. I hope to see you in May!


  3. Kat ~ That would be funny if the cat tried to kill her. There were certainly shenanigans that were humorous, mostly involving the vet, but I’m not going to give more away than that!

    The violence isn’t R-rated, one of the scenes is graphic involving a description of a severed head and maggots…


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