hero game by rl copple

Hero Game is similar but completely different than its predecessor, Mind Game (review here). This time, instead of virtual reality helmets transporting our heroes to a galaxy far, far, away, they stay at home and use virtual reality masks to be super heroes. Who wouldn’t like that? And the best thing, you can choose which super hero you’d like to become from many already programmed choices.

Is there a catch? Of course there is, or it wouldn’t be a book worth reading. This time, the bad guy’s brother returns to take revenge on Earth. Unfortunately, our forces are no match for the technology of the invading aliens. Can our teen super heroes save the day?

Theme/Theology: Teamwork and self-sacrifice

To save Earth, the characters in the book had to work as a team, each using their own strengths. They learned being a super hero isn’t about putting yourself first; it’s about putting the needs of others before yours or your close friends.

Rating: G

Anyone that likes sci-fi would enjoy this book. I believe that middle-graders especially would love it, both guys and girls. I plan to buy copies for our elementary school library.

Social Issues:

Do interplanetary relations count as a social issue? Thought not. Seriously, this book is about growing up and maturing. Taking responsibility and trusting others to do what they say they can do. We all need each other and there is no ‘i’ in team.

Want to know more? Check out our interview with RL Copple, the author of Mind Game and Hero Game.


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