rift jump by greg mitchell

Have you ever pictured God in a Stetson? Me neither,  but Greg Mitchell has and describes Him to good effect in Rift Jump. Full of alternate reality and dimension hopping, we meet several iterations of Michael Morrison, and follow him on his mission to redeem the mistakes in his past and mend broken relationships. But is that God’s mission for him?

Theology: God is bigger than your sin

Michael Morrison is full of rage, hate, and anger. Left to his own devices, he makes catastrophic mistakes with terminal consequences–for himself and others. Yet, he wants to be good, he’s just not sure how to do it. When a Man in a Stetson offers him another chance, a way to escape the dark and fight for the light, he takes it.

Rift jump is packed full of metaphor. We see a character who struggles to be free of his sin nature, but he can’t escape it. We see a man who thinks he’s administering God’s justice, only to find out something else is going on. We see a girl who thinks life would be better off without knowing about God, even when she’s seen evidence of His existence.

Most compelling is the explanation of choice versus free will and what it means to us and to God.

Rift jump is open and candid and explores sin issues and what redemption really means. It’s a gutsy book, at times violent, that would be especially appealing to YA guys, though all could appreciate it (I did, and I’m not a male teen). 😉

Rating: PG-13

The rage, anger, and hate at the beginning of the book is palpable and made me a little uncomfortable. It’s hard to read from the perspective of a character who carries so many negative emotions. It’s a testament to the writing that I felt the discomfort. For that reason, I think a PG-13 rating is advisable. Otherwise, the book is fairly clean. No profanity/sex.

Social Issues:

Rift jump deals with the issue that some face — what if I’m too far gone for God to help me? Was I made to be bad? Am I selfish to want to love someone given who I am and/or what I’ve done?

This is a fantastic book, and I hope Greg Mitchell brings us more rift jumping in another book.

Join us on Monday. Greg Mitchell will be stopping by the blog to talk about Rift Jump and some of his other works and he’s not coming empty handed. Two lucky commentors will win signed copies of Rift Jump! See you Monday!


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