whatever after fairest of all by sarah mlynowski

“Once upon a time my life was normal. Then the mirror in our basement ate us.” I’m not sure I’ve ever read a better beginning to a book. Have you?

Two children, 10 yo Abby and her 7 yo brother Jonah, move to a new house in a new town. A new house with a mirror in the basement that hisses, turns purple, and sucks you into fairy tales. In Whatever After Fairest of All, Abby and Jonah find themselves in the tale of Snow White, where Jonah prevents the evil step-mother from giving Snow White the apple. Does that change Snow’s story? Why, yes, yes it does. Can Abby and Jonah set Snow back on course? I know, but I’m not telling. 😉

Theology: God Who?

Whatever After Fairest of All is a secular romp through a fairy tale. God is not mentioned or alluded to in any way. What we have is a 10 yo main character that thinks she should be able to control the events around her. She mostly doesn’t succeed.

Rating: G

G for good fun, a girly read, and great voice. The books sounds very much like a 10 yo talking.

Social Issues:

Fitting into a new town and school and giving change a chance.

Sarah Mlynowski has started a fun new series. This book, #1, is a nominee for the Texas state award for middle grade fiction (The Bluebonnet Award). My daughter loved this book and it made me smile as well. We will enjoy reading the others.


4 thoughts on “whatever after fairest of all by sarah mlynowski

  1. Sounds like a great read! I think my niece would like it and I could see my 5-year old daughter enjoying listening to it and reading it when she’s older. Not to mention that I want to read it.


    1. My daughter has read the first two and is eagerly anticipating book 3 (the little mermaid) which I have for her for her birthday. They’re great MG girl reads–and short stories for us. LOL


  2. This book series sounds adorable. I love light-hearted books that turn fairy-tales on their ear. I’ll have to show it to my daughter. It would be perfect for us to read together.


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