author spotlight – the magnificent melanie dickerson

I am so excited (squeee) to get to interview Melanie Dickerson on my blog today. You can tell I’m a big fan, because I have read all of her books and reviewed them here as well. I’m a sucker for fairy tales, which hooked me from the start, and the way Melanie interweaves the spiritual thread is so inspiring. It takes the stories to a whole new level.

Please, join me in welcoming Melanie to the blog! Leave a comment to be entered into a drawing to win a Melanie Dickerson book of your choice (paperback or ebook). Can’t decide which one? Check out the reviews here: The Healer’s Apprentice, The Merchant’s Daughter, The Fairest Beauty.

Mealnie, thanks so much for stopping by today! Tell us, do you consider yourself a Christian author or an author of Christian fiction? What do you think the difference is?

Both. I write Christian fiction, and I am a Christian author. Not all Christian authors write Christian fiction, but I think they can still influence people and provide positive, uplifting entertainment. But I’m not sure I can write anything that doesn’t include God and his amazing truth. His love and the way he convicts and changes people is such a part of my thinking.

You are very intentional about incorporating theology (what you believe about God) in your books. What makes you want to write overtly Christian fiction instead of incorporating Christian elements less obviously to appeal to the mass market?

Honestly, I don’t know that I deliberately set out to write overtly Christian stories. I put in what the story seems to demand, and so far, that has included overt Christian messages. But I’m happy with that. I’m not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And I’ve had lots of emails and messages from readers who have thanked me for the spirituality of my stories and the Christian message.

In your most recent book, The Fairest Beauty, the hero shows some fairly unheroic qualities. He goes out to rescue Sophie despite the fact his parents have forbidden him to do so. He falls in love with her despite the fact he and she are both betrothed to others. He plans to marry her despite the consequences. The heroes in your other books, The Healer’s Apprentice and The Merchant’s Daughter aren’t so brash. What influenced you to write Gabe the way you did?

It was the way I imagined a younger brother might behave if he had always wanted to prove himself, after being compared to his older brother all his life. And it adds to the tension of the story. J Also, I wanted to show him wrestling with the right thing to do. In the end, he and Sophie were not married to other people, and they were not in love with other people, so true love prevailed.

Gabe’s older brother, Valten, didn’t have a large role in this book but it seems like there is a lot going on with his character. Is it possible he’ll find his own damsel to rescue in an upcoming book?

Yes! Valten is the hero in my next book, The Captive Maiden, a Cinderella story. It releases in October, and readers can learn more about it from a recent post on my blog,

What is one thing you’d like your readers to know?

My readers really encourage me when they write to me and I love to hear from them. They can write me through my website, or through my facebook page,

Can you tell us what you’re working on now?

Right now I’m working on a series of adult Christian Regency romances, The Brides of London, that are (supposed to be) reminiscent of Jane Austen’s “drawing room drama” novels. The first one releases May, 2013, and I’m very excited about them!

I love Jane Austen! If you’re not rewriting fairy tales, that’s the next best thing to do! 😉

Thank you so much, Melanie. I know you’re super busy and I feel fortunate that you took the time to share with us today.

OK, readers—what’s your favorite book by Melanie? If you haven’t read them yet, that’s OK. Share with us your favorite fairy tale instead. Remember, by commenting you’ll be entered into our free book give away!


12 thoughts on “author spotlight – the magnificent melanie dickerson

  1. I still think it’s funny that I’ve been drooling over The Healer’s Apprentice for months but never had any idea it was based on a fairy take until I read your review. 🙂


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