the fairest beauty by melanie dickerson

Everyone loves the story of Snow White but no one tells it like Melanie Dickerson. The Fairest Beauty places Snow White’s story in Medieval Europe and tells it in such a way as to make it seem both historical and believable. The characters are lovable, especially The Seven. I like reading to see how Melanie is going to incorporate the fantastical fairy tale elements in her stories in a realistic fashion, and Fairest Beauty does not disappoint. The great thing? We get to meet the “prince” and hang out with him for more of the story than the classical Snow White. That’s certainly an improvement for readers who like a good romance.

Theology: Honor your parents vs. God’s calling

Like many real life young adults and young adult book characters, there is a character in The Fairest Beauty that runs off on an adventure despite his parents forbidding him to do so. What I liked about this book is that Melanie spends time looking at God’s calling vs. other authority vs. our own selfish desires. Part of the book seeks to determine this young man’s motivation. Very interesting spiritual premise and I think it’s handled well. Hopefully, Melanie will will consent to an interview and we can ask her more about it. 🙂

Rating: G

The book is appropriate for all ages.

Social issues:

No sex (besides some kissing), no swearing, no drinking, no adult themes. This story is about love and God’s direction/provision.


Click here to see the book trailer on Melanie’s site.

For my reviews of Melanie’s other books, click here: The Healer’s Apprentice & The Merchant’s Daughter.

Which fairy tale would you like to see Melanie Dickerson write next? Which has been your favorite so far?


7 thoughts on “the fairest beauty by melanie dickerson

  1. Another great book by Melanie Dickerson. Though this is the first to have a cover that really shows the fairy tale link, imo. I’d like to see her spin on The Frog Princess – the princess always struck me as very self-absorbed in the original. It’s be interesting to see her character developed.


    1. Her “dwarves” reminded me of the Disney version too– I spotted Dopey, Grumpy, Doc, and Sleepy for sure. Although she might have left out Sneezy…

      The frog princess–great one! That would make a good character arc for sure!

      I always liked Donkey Skin. Not sure why…


      1. I’d never heard of that one and had to look it up. Sounds kinda like a really warped version of Cinderella! lol – One of my favorites is very obscure, too. They had it at the library when I was a kid & I was fortunate enough to get a decent used copy off Amazon a few years ago – Heart of Ice by the Comte de Daylus, adapted by Benjamin Appel. ( Manikin is cursed by a fairy at his birth to always be short. He is taken away by his fairy godmother as his parents are too stupid to be trusted with his upbringing. (lol) Then he sets off on his adventures, helps various victims of enchantments & joins the competition/quest to rescue the princess’s heart which was stolen and locked away in a castle of ice.


  2. Hi! Melanie Dickerson (@MelanieAuthor) will be hosting a special one hour Valentine’s Day Twitter Q&A Thursday, 2/14 about Fairest Beauty. It begins at 2pm EST, and we’d love for you all to participate! #TheFairestBeauty

    Please feel free to spread the word via your blogs and Twitter.


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