thumped by megan mccafferty


This book picks up where bumped left off and finishes the story.

Theology: Exploring God and faith

Each section of the book starts with a biblical reference: Mark 8:36, Luke 16:10, Matthew 6:21, Hebrew 11:1.  Like Bumped, the book looks a what it means to “have God.”  One of the two main characters is now disillusioned with her cult-like upbringing and struggles as she tries to fit into a community that she once believed in.  Another character is forced to look at what he thought was his God-given role in life and determine whether it was God-given or motivated by his own selfishness.  At the end of the novel, we see evidence of Christ-like forgiveness in people who had been manipulated and used.

While, ultimately, the protagonists in the novel have a plan to free teens from being forced to procreate by society, there is a question of whether the ends justify the means.  During the time they are waiting to reveal their plan, many teens follow the wrong path because it is what the protagonists are doing, the culturally popular thing.  Living a lie causes strain on the protagonists, and rightly so.

The book also deals indirectly with the homosexuality of one of the characters.  While it is not overt, it is there and accepted.  If condoning homosexuality is a problem for you, then you may want to steer clear of this book.

Maturity: PG-13

Once again, this is a book about teen pregnancy and the issues surrounding it.  The message of the book is not “teens should not have sex” it is “teens should get to choose whether to have sex.”

Social Issues:

Teen pregnancy (duh).  But also,

  • The role of government and its control on our bodies.
  • The expectations (sometimes very ungodly) of parents.
  • The exploitation of teens (think legitimized sex trafficking).
  • The pressure to conform. Is what’s popular in your culture really what is right for you?

Once again, this is NOT a Christian novel but can offer an opportunity to talk to teens about sex, God’s view on sex, and how our culture views sex.  Parental guidance recommended.

For a closer look at the issues raised by the book, see my review on bumped.


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