finding angel by kat heckenbach

Looking for a Christian fantasy novel that isn’t in-your-face Christian?  I have the pleasure of recommending this delightful novel.  The feel of this novel is like all of the fantasy books I enjoyed reading when I was younger.  It transported me back to a time when I longed to have a secret destiny and be called into my own adventure.

Theology: Unseen Creator God

The author actually warned me before I read this book that there weren’t any overt Christian references.  What I did find, were several biblical references that were obvious if you are familiar with the Bible:

“Only One stood stronger than she at that moment, and she felt immense joy at being part of His divine creation.”

A character making reference to Psalm 19.

A cryptic inscription: “Bound on Earth as bound in Heaven.  Loosen on Earth as loosed in Heaven.”

“But the Elders realized that it was impossible to cleanse your own soul…”

The contrast between funerals for people have “true magic” and those that do not.

An illusion to the Syrophenician woman (the woman at the well) – when the gospel was extended to the Gentiles instead of just the Jews.

A divine plan beyond the comprehension of people…

A character who lives out his faith…

Maturity: G

This book is appropriate for all ages; there is no profanity or sex.  The plot is sufficiently complex that it will hold the interest of anyone who loves a good fantasy story.  Because its not overtly Christian, it should not be offensive to non-Christians.

Social Issues:

Primarily, this is a good vs. evil book.  The protagonist struggles with finding her meaning and place in life.  It is the first in a series and is set up well for God vs. culture.

I’m looking forward to reading the second in the series!

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