stolen away by alyxandra harvey

Want to read a paranormal romance with the Fae?  Here it is.

Theology: God = the “g” in OMG

Are faeries good or bad?  Like many things in our postmodern culture, they just are.  Good is relative.  The only references to God in this book, is when His name is taken in vain.

Maturity: PG

There is mild profanity (UK) or references to profanity (“What the f—?”).  There is a lot of lust in this book but no sex.  Like with many teen books, the teen protagonist feels that she needs to take action into her hands instead of waiting for or doing what adults tell her.

Social Issues:

Are we locked into making the same bad choices as our parents or can we rise above our own situation?  This is the conflict of one of the secondary characters in the novel.

This book is mainly a “what’s going on?” book.  Secrets are hidden that probably should have been revealed to keep the protagonist out of danger.  There is enough left hanging to make you interested throughout the novel.  But at the end, you’re still a bit clueless as to the whole Fae experience.  It ends but it’s probably not over.

I liked the characters in the book and enjoyed the book over all.  It’s a good read but not so good that I want to rush out and read more by the author.

Have you read it?  What did you think?


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