ruby red by kerstin gier

I picked this book up in the library because I liked the cover and the title.  What I didn’t know was that it was a book about time travel!  For some reason, novels involving time travel really appeal to me.  When you can play around with time, anything can happen.  Gwen is mostly unprepared with she finds herself traveling back in time.  Now, she needs to find out the secret mysteries behind her time travel and she doesn’t know who to trust.  To top that off, people are trying to kill her.  Suspenseful and creative, this book will certainly keep you guessing.

Theology:  Missing.  God is not mentioned, although there are some references to churches – one scene takes place in a confessional.

Maturity: G.  There is one indirect reference to sex outside of marriage but otherwise the book is fairly clean.  Only a couple of kissing scenes.

Social issues: Conspiracy, secrecy, favoritism, lying.  These are plot devices and are not overly divisive.  Gwen does trust and rely on her best friend.

Great first novel in a series.  I can’t wait for the rest!


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